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Review by: Ekaterina Petrova

Learning English language is a very interesting process if you are really interested in it. In my opinion the best way to study English is to learn it for pleasure. How can you do this? It’s easy! You can learn English playing games and communicating with other people.
As for me, I attend the English mind games club. Every Sunday we gather together in different convenient places, discuss some aspects of our life, drink coffee or tea and play games like Mafia. What’s more, there are several foreigners who take part in these meetings and help us to improve our language skills and speak correctly. Communication with native speakers is the best way to learn foreign language!
I’d like to thank the founders of the English mind games club – Vladimir Hvan and Alexandr Uvarov. They organize our meetings in an interesting way, in different places. The atmosphere is cosy and marvelous. We also learn and discuss some English traditions, jokes and songs. So, I recommend not to waste time and get knowledge having fun!

Review by: Inna Kim

English Mind Games Club is a place where you can try different roles. You can not only improve your English, but test your actor skills. Friendly atmosphere, psychology, nerves, “white lies” and fun are the key words for the club. Once you enter the English Mind Games Club, you can’t stop playing as it’s very interesting to get to know people and share your point of view.
It’s a place where you can easily express yourself and train your brain at the same time. There is always an effect of surprise as you can never know who visit the Club this evening. So if you like experiments, nice people and just love to live, come and play with us! Don’t  let your brain sleep!

Review by:  Natalya A. Kargashina

«Еnglish mind games club»… It surely is a great name for our meetings «at different places and tables». Meetings where everyone find something for themselves. Somebody comes to improve English skills, somebody for a warm friendly talk, and someone for spending a Sunday evening with pleasure exercising your brain. There are people of all ages, with different level of knowledge, different experience, but every single one who has ever played «Mafia in English» with us would be coming again and again because there’s impossible to get so much good altogether anywhere else. So, talking to the native speakers, practicing English, broadening the general knowledge, developing logics and savvy, observance and communicative skills and simply some great vibes, interesting people around and warm friendly company. This is — our «Еnglish mind games club»!